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If you have just scheduled your first boudoir session with us or are thinking about getting a session scheduled, here are some tips and tricks to help you prepare and make your session day run smoothly…

  • Don’t wait until the last minute to shop for your session wardrobe, especially if you are aiming for a specific look. Shopping for the perfect lingerie can take time and the stress of last minute shopping can ruin your overall experience.
  • Make sure your lingerie fits you properly. Lingerie that is too small or too big is not flattering and can become a distraction in certain poses making it difficult to get some of our most requested shots. If you are not sure of the size you should be buying, take a trip to a Lingerie boutique that provides this service and have a professional size you. If you do not know where to go, the ladies at Victoria’s Secret are always happy to help.
  • Remember that your hands and feet may be the focus of some of your session images so be sure to get a mani/pedi. If wearing colored polish, make sure your fingers and toes don’t clash with each other and that the colors will look great with the lingerie and/or outfits you plan on wearing during your session.
  • Make sure that you don’t forget to shave your legs, bikini line and underarms. You’d be surprised how often our clients forget this.
  • If you must wear deodorant to your session, be sure that it is clear to avoid transfer on to dark lingerie and clothes.
  • Tan lines and boudoir photography are not friends. If at all possible, avoid situations that may lead to unsightly tan lines for two weeks leading up to your session. 
  • Self tanners don’t work as well as you think they do and we can almost guarantee the camera will think you are orange. We can always add a warm glow to your skin but trying to remove the affects of self tanner is difficult and not always successful. It can also transfer an unpleasant color to linens and lingerie so it is something we always ask our clients to avoid.
  • Stretching before your session and drinking plenty of water will help reduce how sore you are after your session. What most people don’t realize is that holding these sexy poses long enough for us to grab the shot can be taxing on your muscles, especially after a couple hours of doing so. 
  • Don’t wear tight fitting clothing or items with tight elastic on the day of your session because they can leave marks on the skin in places we intend to photograph bare.
  • If possible, cut all of the tags off your new lingerie before your session to save time.
  • Get enough sleep the night before your session. If you are exhausted or hungover, it will show is your session images.
  • If we are providing professional hair and makeup for your session, please arrive makeup free. Moisturizer is encouraged. If you are providing your own hair and makeup, please visit us on Pinterest for DIY hair and makeup tutorials that are boudoir session appropriate.
  • Be sure to lotion up just before your session, especially if you tend to have dry skin.
  • Remove all stickers (price, size, etc.) from the bottom of your heels. If your heels aren’t new, take some time to clean them up a bit. Don’t forget that the bottoms of your heels will show in your session images so be sure to give them some love too.
  • Avoid lotions and body spray that have glitter or shimmer in them. Those pretty little flecks that everyone loves may look great in person but we promise that they are not camera friendly.


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