A Must Have For Your Session Bag – The Black Heel | Las Vegas Boudoir Photography

Everyone who schedules a boudoir session with us gets a welcome email shortly after scheduling from their photographer with helpful hints and tricks to help them them prepare for their session day. One of the most important elements to that email, from what clients have told us, is the suggested list of things to bring for their session. While none of these things are required, it is a great starting point for women and couples to build on.

The most important item on the list, and the first that any boudoir client should decide on, is the black heel. The right heel can do amazing things to the female silhouette, such as elongating the legs and naturally arching the back in the sexiest of ways. It instantly changes the way a woman stands and holds herself. But most importantly, it changes the way she feels the moment she slips them on. The key to the black heel is finding the right one and only you can determine what the right heel would be. Think about the look you’re going for with your session images and remember that you only have to take pictures in them, not run a marathon. So even if you usually only put on heels for a special occasion, have never worn anything more than a small pump or have never put a heel on at all, you’ll look like you’ve been rocking stilettos your whole life.

Be sure to check out Mined for the best collection of black heels we’ve come across in one place. With a variety of styles ranging from $14 – $1295, there is a pair for every session and every budget.




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