Friend with Benefits | Las Vegas Boudoir and Erotic Photography

Looking for a few pieces to add to your session bag? It’s nice having a friend with benefits!


Las Vegas Boudoir Photography | Slick Click Photography



L’Ecole Nuit is the destination to discover the art of seduction. Our luxury boudoir lingerie inspires lovers, empowers women and celebrates sensuality. L’Ecole Nuit is for all who want to live life passionately and indulge in their intimate desires. Lingerie enhances and reveals a woman’s sensual beauty… The allure lies in the suggestion of what is beneath. At L’Ecole Nuit, lingerie is beautiful, seductive, and makes every night an occasion to unveil.

L’Ecole Nuit is an homage to the night, when daydreams of love and passion become reality. While studying Europe’s rich visual and material culture, founder Kristine Isberg spent time in Paris, London, Rome and Vienna. It was in these fabled cities that she realized this alluring power of night. For Kristine, lingerie is the perfect compliment to la nuit: “The night brings a sense of expectation. Darkened city streets become dramatic backdrops for romantic encounters. Couples illuminated by the soft glow of candlelight linger over a glass of wine and then… Lingerie inspires women and men to live their life fully and passionately, and indulge in their most sensual desires.”



Drawing on her background in arts and history, Kristine selects designers whose pieces embody timeless styles adorned with fashionable details, and which are made from rich, sumptuous materials that reflect a passion and devotion to quality and craftsmanship. The styles on L’Ecole Nuit range from daringly bold, playfully flirtatious, mysteriously provocative and fashionably alluring.

Be sure to grab a piece (or two!) to add to your boudoir session bag.


Las Vegas Boudoir Photography | Slick Click Photography


Las Vegas Boudoir and Erotic Photography



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