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Looking for an alternative to Victoria’s Secret lingerie for your boudoir session?

You’re not alone.

Over the last few years we’ve noticed an ever increasing trend of clients wanting something more out of their lingerie. While Victoria’s Secret is easily accessible and usually where women head to for exciting lingerie purchases, you can see their lingerie trends in boudoir session images across the world. Women want to be seen as the uniquely beautiful beings that they are, not as the woman wearing the same bra or corset that was in “that photo on Pinterest”. If you’re shopping for your lingerie in the same place that every other woman is going to, your only option is to buy what everyone else is wearing.

One of our recent clients referred to it as the Victoria’s Secret trap, heading straight to the place that is so widely known and comfortable in an attempt to stand out and be different. If you missed the last couple of blog post we did on this topic, our boudoir photographers are dedicated to taking you out of your “lingerie store at the mall” comfort zone and introducing you to a few of our favorite lesser known favorites. Be sure to go back and check out the first three posts of our 8 week installment, where we introduced you to ThirdLove, Myla and Valentine.




 Naja’s tagline “for smart, courageous women,” instantly caught our attention and their unexpected attention to detail screams luxury. Their bras have memory foam cups for the ultimate in comfort which mold to your body and their panties are made from hand-harvested Peruvian Pima cotton. 

“It started with a belief that lingerie should be about the woman who wears it…
…and that it should make her feel good about herself.”

Naja also offers a “cheeky  knickers’ line that couldn’t help but make us smile and free U.S. shipping on orders of 2+ items. Be sure to check out Naja online to find unique pieces to add to your boudoir session bag.





Las Vegas Boudoir and Erotic Photography



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