Boudoir Session Posing Guide | Las Vegas Boudoir Photography

Many of our clients have a ton of fun practicing poses in front of the mirror before their session and some even find a few they fall in love with. so we’ve created a boudoir posing board on pinterest as a guide to some of the most popular boudoir photography poses. Have some fun and experiment with lingerie you already own and new pieces you bought just for your session.
be sure to pin your favorites to share with your photographer on session day! You don’t have to worry about posing or expressions if you’ve never done this before because your session will be directed from start to finish by your photographer and she’ll guide you through every step of the way.
Las Vegas Boudoir Photography | Slick Click Photography
After you’ve had some fun with our boudoir posing guide, be sure to check out our other boudoir inspired boards for ideas on what to wear and what to bring.
Visit us on pinterest to get started!
haven’t booked your session yet? What are you waiting for?
Check out our boudoir Welcome guide and then visit us online or give our office a call to get scheduled.
you deserve it!


Las Vegas Boudoir Photography






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