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Any successful boudoir photographer will tell you that the way you feel during your session greatly affects the look and feel of your final images. Our job as boudoir photographers is to help ease your nerves and make your session as fun and exciting as possible. Generally, this isn’t an issue considering these sessions are a blast and we have a ton of fun doing them.

Nowadays, we have a closed session policy for our boudoir sessions. This means that if you are not going to be in the pictures, you are not going to be in the room. It may seem harsh but since implementing this new policy, we’ve become more productive and have received emails from clients thanking us for not allowing “so-and-so” to stay. Our clients will tell you that working one on one with the photographer made a huge impact on their session experience. But this wasn’t always our boudoir session policy and a few years ago we noticed an increasing trend of what we called “Session Sabotage“. It was the events of one boudoir marathon weekend that made us take a look at our session policies and make a change.


Your Can Read about the first session of the marathon weekend HERE

Here’s Boudoir Marathon Weekend – Session Two

The first session of the boudoir marathon had just ended and I was thankful it was over. I was mentally exhausted from trying to salvage the session from my client’s husband, but I had some time to reset and prepare for the second session of the marathon and was grateful that I did. My assistant came back to the suite to help me get it set up for the next shoot and I was able to vent about my frustrations. Then we headed down for some lunch and I went over the notes for my upcoming session to refresh my memory.

My next client had scheduled the session as a surprise for her husband. Valentine’s day was special because it was also their anniversary. I love being a part of surprising significant others so this was just what I needed to move past the first session of my day. She also said when she scheduled  that her best friend was a hair and makeup artist and so she would not need the services of our stylists. Not a problem!

So I headed back up to the suite to finish my coffee and wait for my next client to arrive. There was a woman waiting in the hallway as I approached the door. She apologized for being so early but said that she was waiting for her friend who was scheduled with me. I thought it odd as I just assumed my client would be arriving already in hair and makeup since time was not scheduled for stylist services but I let her in to wait. We chatted for the 15 minutes it took for my client to arrive, but when she did I noticed something strange. Her hair and makeup WAS done like I thought it would be. So who is this friend?

Turns out this was her makeup artist friend who had invited herself along. She wanted to how a boudoir session went in the hopes of adding herself to our list of stylists. My client didn’t seem to enthused about the friend being there but yet here she was. We got started right away with going over lingerie and some ideas she had for her images. We put together a plan of action and got started but within the first set of shots I knew I was in trouble. The friend felt the need to direct my client on how to pose, although she admitted to never having done this before. She also made fun of the lingerie my client had chosen to wear, some jewelry she and brought with her and how awkward she seemed to appear to her. The fun and energetic client I started with with slowly fading away. Her smiles were being replaced with nervous smirks with each comment the friend made. This so-called “friend” was irking my last nerve but the final straw came when she moved some lighting I was using so that she could have a better view.

As politely as I could, I explained that she was not to touch my equipment or change the direction and guidance I was giving my client on posing. I told her it was my job to ensure the best possible outcome of my client’s final images and that she was making it difficult. She didn’t say a word for the remainder of the session. I wish I would of spoke up sooner….

My client loved her gallery of images. So much so, that she ordered a leather album and a canvas for her husband.  While I knew she would love her images, I also knew that she could’ve had an even better experience had the “friend” not been there.

Las Vegas Boudoir Photography | Slick Click Photography

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