Spontaneous Expressions

If you’ve visited us on Facebook or read our Frequently asked Questions page, you already know our philosophy…

“The best pictures are those that capture genuine personalities, spontaneous expressions, and honest relationships.”

We sometimes get parents and grandparents that are worried because the little ones just don’t seem to want to hold still and they’re afraid that the photographer won’t be a able to get even a single usable shot.  It’s a sad truth that there are a lot of photographers out there that don’t have the patience necessary. Maybe they don’t have children of their own and don’t understand how a young mind works. Maybe it’s because they lack the experience to be able to adapt to what a child needs to be comfortable. Whatever the case may be, the best images captured are never the ones with forced smiles. 


Choosing the right photographer is extremely important if you are hoping for a positive experience with images you can cherish for years.


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Make sure to shop around and do research before hiring your photographer. Don’t be afraid to ask about the photographer’s experience with kids.

Do they have children on their own? Do they do a lot of sessions with small children? Do they have experience with children who have special needs?

If a photographer can’t take the time to answer your questions, they don’t deserve your business.

While we strive to be a budget friendly company, the budget shouldn’t be your only consideration when booking your session.



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